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Organization Kids, Waldorf Schools and College Admissions

When I arrived in Boulder, Colorado for spring break my first order of business was an alumni panel at one of my old schools. Now I have a very atypical education background. I am the product of many years of Waldorf education, a year of homeschooling, and prep school. Now, one of my Waldorf schools, Shepherd Valley Waldorf School, was hosting an event roughly on the subject of “Why Waldorf School.” As a grad who has gone on to college and done well for herself I was apparently just want the doctor ordered.

New Waldorf parents, typical nervous thirtysomethings, are very concerned that their children will be able to compete in the rat race of life. For some reason they think that by pushing their kids to the limit they will magically transform into high powered executives. One of my favorite pieces on this subject is Organization Kids. Thus we have a whole new generation of kids who go to soccer, violin, painting, girl scouts, and whatever else all while doing school and as they get older community service. They are essentially building resumes that with enough buffing will get them into college.

One of the most recent articles I read on the trend is particularly horrifying. Organization Kids are no longer limited to the high school age crowd.

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