Where Imagination Outshines Memorization

The New Distracted Parenting

by Ben H. Winters, Huffington Post

My daughter is a pretty amazing ice skater, for a four-year-old, except that sometimes she gets distracted and chews absently on the strap of her helmet. Before her lesson the other night, I reminded her not to do that, and told her I would be watching.

“OK,” she said, “I’ll just wait until you’re looking at your iPhone, and then do it.”


I smiled tenderly, patted my precocious girl on her pink helmet, and sentenced myself to a lifetime in Bad Dad Jail.

I am not alone, of course. Everyone I know who possesses both children and a smartphone bears some level of guilt for the instances — however infrequent — where they go, “One sec, sweetheart,” before doing a quick stock-market check or firing off a text message. (This New York Times article from last year reported on a kid so frustrated about his mom and her BlackBerry that he almost bit her on the leg.)

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