Where Imagination Outshines Memorization

Steiner schools: learning – it is a wonder

By William Little – The Telegraph

Teaching children how to knit and build brick walls might not sound like it would appeal to a Department of Education fixated on league table results. But a Steiner school in Hereford offering precisely these lessons has recently been awarded academy status by the Government. Such recognition that non-traditional subjects can have just as much value as reading and maths could mark a move in UK schooling away from the pressures of a fixed curriculum and towards giving parents more choice.

This is good news for the growing number of parents, worried about the pressures of state school testing regimes, who opt to give their children a Steiner education. They may still be in a minority, but they include some pretty good company. Former Steiner pupils include actress Jennifer Aniston, broadcaster Emma Freud and singer Annie Lennox, who named her group The Eurythmics after Eurhythmy – a form of movement Steiner pupils participate in.

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