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Kids Haven’t Changed; Kindergarten Has

By Laura Pappano New data support a return to “balance” in kindergarten http://www.hepg.org/hel/article/479 In the ongoing battle over (more…)

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The Organization Kid

The young men and women of America’s future elite work their laptops to the bone, rarely question authority, (more…)

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Revenge of the Right Brained

By Daniel H Pink, Wired Magazine Feb. 2005 When I was a kid – growing up in a (more…)

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Organization Kids, Waldorf Schools and College Admissions

When I arrived in Boulder, Colorado for spring break my first order of business was an alumni panel (more…)

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Are we raising a generation of nincompoops?

By Beth J. Harpaz Associated Press Writer / September 27, 2010 NEW YORK—Second-graders who can’t tie shoes or (more…)

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