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Admissions Process

The best way to begin to learn if an education inspired by Waldorf is right for your family, is to visit our school. Our admissions process begins with a tour allowing parents to gain a direct experience of an inspired Waldorf education and Sunrise School of Miami. The tour will give you a much clearer picture of our unique approach to education.

With the completion of the tour the process continues with the completion of the application forms. A $75.00 non-refundable fee is payable when the initial application for enrollment is submitted. Parents are asked to provide assessments and previous school records.

Applicants must be 6 years old by June 1 to attend first grade the following September. Children who are being considered for first grade are assessed for readiness. We look at the whole child – physical, emotional and intellectual development to aid the decision on when the child should enter first grade. A child’s chronological age and/or academic readiness are not enough to determine first grade readiness.

The unique approach to a education inspired by Waldorf,  allows us to accept students throughout the school year.

Student Admissions Visit

Prospective grade 1-8 students are invited to spend a minimum of 2 to 3 days in the classroom for which they are applying. These class visits are in lieu of admissions tests. During their visit, they fully participate in all classes and activities – fully living into the curriculum while visiting. Parents do not attend this in-class session. A follow up parent-teacher interview is sometimes requested.

The decision to accept a child into the class is made by the teaching staff. These decisions are based on an evaluation of the child’s school visit, review of the child’s student records, parent conference and the needs of the existing class. Parents are informed of the decision in a timely fashion.

Admissions Interview

Once the in-class visit has been completed a meeting will be set up between the class teacher, administrator and parents. This meeting is designed to discuss the student’s visit and answer any further questions the parents may have with regard to what they can expect for their child and Waldorf education. At times the class teacher may request to meet briefly with the student to answer any questions they may have before all regroup to conclude.

It is strongly recommend for parents to take time to explore the philosophy behind Waldorf education. We recommend visiting Whywaldorfworks.org for more in depth research regarding the many benefits associated with Waldorf education.