Sunrise School of Miami was launched in 2005 by six families who shared a desire to provide their children with a program that was an alternative to the high pressured testing environment common to most South Florida schools. They were inspired by Waldorf education, a worldwide independent school movement that was founded in 1919 by Austrian scientist, educator, and philosopher Dr. Rudolf Steiner, and they designed the curriculum following his principles and insights. They leased a space at a local church, and the journey began with nine students, two teachers, and regular help from visiting master teachers and mentors. The first eighth grade class was graduated in 2008, and we have since moved to a beautiful five and a half acre campus located in Palmetto Bay, Florida.

We now provide an early childhood through eighth grade education to nearly ninety students who come from the varied backgrounds that reflect the national, cultural, religious, and language diversity that is Miami’s trademark. However, our board, faculty, and parents all share in the common belief that education can draw out what is best in each child, and that it can be done in an artistic, creative, and loving manner.

As stated in our mission statement; “The essence of our mission is to engender wonder, reverence and respect, and to send forth into the world young people who possess a solid moral foundation and a capacity for empathy and transformative purpose.”

Waldorf education is one of the largest independent private school movements in the world, with more than 1,100 schools in 75 countries. The board and faculty seek to continue Sunrise School of Miami’s path to becoming fully engaged in the larger Waldorf School community, both in the United States and abroad.