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Rudolf Steiner’s declaration that “our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings who, of themselves, are able to give purpose and direction to their lives,” this is the mission and goal of Sunrise School of Miami, the founders, faculty and staff.  This is no small undertaking and the founders knew that by accepting this calling it would be an expensive, selfless and daunting task, but also an extremely rewarding quest.

In order for Sunrise School of Miami to continue its mission in educating the children and creating the vision moving forward, requires donors.  Times have changed. No longer are donors giving as a way of finding tax benefits. More and more, donors express that they give to Sunrise School of Miami because it changed the life of their child, helped to remake their family life or because they love the way the Waldorf curriculum is educating the leaders of tomorrow.  Our donors express that Sunrise School of Miami has become a special place in their hearts and have learned how important the success of this education is to humanity at large.

Sunrise School of Miami is a non-profit organization listed with the IRS.

Sunrise School of Miami has been blessed by the incredible philanthropic support of a few in the community.  All of our gifts combined through the annual giving campaign support of our parents, the generous donations from within the community allow us to experience something very magical – my gift and your gift come together to make possible something that seemed impossible only moments ago.  Just like the founders coming together to bring their gifts to form this amazing school for the children of South Florida.

How can you help support Sunrise School of Miami and it’s mission?

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